LP «Zaporozhye Plant of High – Voltage Equipment» provides the following list of industrial services for legal and private entities:

  1. Manufacturing starting from simple parts up to the metal structures of different sizes and of various complexity out of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (hand railing, fences, gates, garage gates, and other metal structures).
    We have both individual and full-scale production.
    The manufacturing is carried out in accordance with technical specification, rough drawings and layouts. Patterned manufacturing is also possible.
    If required, our engineering staff can be involved into project development (generation).
  2. High-voltage tests are performed in accordance with the requirements of State Standards of Ukraine (DSTU), ISO / IEC 17025: 2006 using certified testing stations up to 750 kV:
    • voltage transformers;
    • current transformers;
    • electromagnetic devices;
    • power transformers;
    • packaged switchgears;
    • disconnecting switches;
    • packaged transformer substations.
  3. High-voltage equipment repair and renovation.
  4. Parts’ painting with powder paint. Priming of the parts. Maximum size of the parts to be machined: length is 1600 mm, width is 1500 mm, and height is 2500 mm. Total weight is up to 350 kg.
  5. Punching of the parts of any complexity using crossbar turret punch press machine Finn-Pover. Thickness of the parts is from 0,5 up to 3 mm. Sheet dimensions are 1250 x 2500 mm.
  6. Sheet bending using bending press Finn-Pover. Maximum bending length is 2050-2500 mm and thickness of the bend is up to 3 mm. Aluminum sheet thickness is up to 4 mm.
  7. Rotation bodies’ manufacturing (shafts, gearwheels, wheels, pinion shafts, axles, etc.).
  8. Tools’ manufacturing:
    • dies, casting molds, press molds (according to a customer drawings);
    • equipping, heat treatment, etc.
  9. Welding works of any complexity (oil-tight, gas-tight welds).
  10. Argon-arc welding.
  11. Sandblasting of the parts of any shape.
  12. Springs’ winding.
  13. Wood drying. Package size is 3000x2500x5000 mm. No restrictions as per the weight.
  14. Transportation services.

To purchase products and industrial services, please contact:
Sales department - Spare parts’ and industrial services’ sales representative in domestic and foreign markets - Liliya H. Teggur, ph. (061) 220-63-15
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