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LP “Zaporozhye Plant of High-Voltage Equipment” (ZVA) is one of the biggest in Ukraine and well-known in many countries of the world electrical engineering plants. Equipment produced by LP “Zaporozhye Plant of High-Voltage Equipment” provides for the electric power transmission and distribution at the largest power facilities in CIS countries and in 38 countries abroad. The history of ZVA is dated back to 1952 when following the order of Minister of Power Stations dated June 04, 1952, the plant for the electric trains repair was built in Zaporozhye. September 1958 became the beginning for high-voltage equipment production mastering. In December 1959 it was rebranded into “Zaporozhye Plant of High-Voltage Equipment” (ZVA). Outdoor high circuit-breakers for the voltage 150-500 kV became major products of the plant. In January 1961, the plant set up the production of current transformers for the voltage 35-500 kV

In 1963 the plant set up the production of bus bar, and in 1968 the plant set up the production of switching equipment. During this time, the plant becomes the leading plant for the production of high circuit-breakers and current transformers. In 1971 ZVA enters production association “Zaporozhtransformator”. In 1973 the unit, and in 1974 the workshop for the production of packaged switchgears was set up. In 1978 the plant set up the production of high-voltage instrument voltage transformers.

Equipment produced by LP “Zaporozhye Plant of High-Voltage Equipment” (ZVA) has been transmitting and distributing electric power at the largest power facilities in CIS countries and in 38 countries abroad for more than 50 years already. Equipment produced by the plant is widely recognized in Egypt, Syria, India, China, Peru, Argentina, Cuba and other countries of the world. Having maintained and strengthened manufacturing and test base, the plant manufactures its products using innovative technologies and advanced equipment ensuring essential quality control. Each individual unit undergoes tests in accordance with local and international standards, and essential customized requirements.

Currently, the plant exploits vacuum and SF6 high-voltage equipment. Experts of the plant developed instrument transformers of a new design using non-flammable neutral sulphur hexafluoride gas insulation (SF6) as the internal insulation. Fiber-glass cylinder of the required size having protective external flanged cover made of cold polymerized silicon polymeric compound is used for tyre casings’ manufacturing.


Manufacturing and test base of the plant provides for the manufacturing of the products using innovative technologies and advanced equipment ensuring essential quality control; enables to carry out full-scale test of the products provisioned by the local and international standards and essential customized requirements.

Equipment produced by the plant is enlisted into the State Registers of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The Goods are certified by the Unified State System of Certification and Standardization in Ukraine (UkrSEPRO) and GOST R. In accordance with the agreement for the certification carrying out signed by State Committee for Standardization of Ukraine and State Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization and Metrology (UkrSEPRO and GOST R), certification authorities accredited as applicable with the national Systems, consequences of their activity, certificates of conformity issued with regards to certification national systems.


Design department of the plant

Design department of the plant

Packaged switch-gear cabinet model KM-1FM (The second best in the nomination “Complex product” AWARD-2005)

Packaged switch-gear cabinet model KM-1FM
(The second best in the nomination “Complex product” AWARD-2005).


ZVA is known as the manufacturer and designer of unique high-voltage units which are produced at high technological level using leading engineering achievements.

In order to produce advanced products, regular work on process environment updating by means of existing equipment upgrade and purchase of innovating equipment, development and application of innovation technologies is carried out.

In order to improve the quality of the products over the past few years we carried out significant upgrade and alteration of the plant. Unique unparalleled among CIS countries high-performance equipment was purchased and commissioned.

Quality of the output is provisioned at the stage of design and process planning.

ZVA carries out staged implementation of integrated automated system of the products’ design and manufacturing. For this purpose, the process from the design station up to a process man workplace and parts’ manufacturing using equipment with numerical program control is being automated.

Automated design engineering and products’ manufacturing technologies are implemented by the plant. Working places in design-engineering and process departments are automatically controlled. They are equipped with powerful workstations whereon up-to-date licensed software (solid parametric modeling system SolidWorks; computer-assisted operation sequence planning system Tech Card; electronic document management system Search) supplied by «Intersed Ukraine Ltd» is used.

Using SolidWorks at a unit model development stage a designer can evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of a unit under development, and to introduce required adjustments in due time. The models obtained are passed over to the process men to execute control software for the equipment with numerical program control. This enables us to considerably decrease design timing and production preparation with simultaneous quality improvement and manpower input decrease.

Most engineering solutions obtained in cause of new product development are authorship certified.

Scheduled product developments carried out by the design department of the plant, participate in professional skill competition AWARD conducted by Russian company SolidWorks – Russia. Having participated in the competition for the first time in 2002, the designers of the plant became the finalists. In the competition AWARD-2005 our project plan finished second in the category "Complex product".

Currently, the plant has all required advanced equipment, highly qualified technicians, engineers and workers to execute any order of a customer and to manufacture products with the consistent quality.

Our manufacturing area is equipped with close control equipment with numerical program control which provides for the manufacture of the units from the sheet metal with the thickness 0.5÷100.00 mm. These are the thermal-cutting machine “KOMETA-M”, crossbar turret press machine “FINN-POWER A5S”, bending press “FINN-POWER B 125-3050 BG4” and crop shears “GUIFIL GHD 830”.

Thermal-cutting machine “KOMETA-M” Crossbar turret press machine “FINN-POWER A5S”

Thermal-cutting machine “KOMETA-M”

Crossbar turret press machine “FINN-POWER A5S”

Bending press “FINN-POWER B 125-3050 BG4” Crop shears “GUIFIL GHD 830”

Bending press “FINN-POWER B 125-3050 BG4”

Crop shears “GUIFIL GHD 830”

Instrument transformers’ manufacturing

Service trolley B061R01

Service trolley B061R01

Dosing and mixing unit VARIO-MIX A1

Dosing and mixing unit VARIO-MIX A1

Section for Especially clean rooms for SF6 equipment

Section for Especially clean rooms for SF6 equipment

Electrotechnical steel workpiece is made on the longitude cut train out of electrotechnical steel coils. Instrument transformer electric winding and coils are made using coiling machine AM-3150 (by BR TECHNOLOGIES, Germany) having software control, and also advanced machine-tools series AX, designed by ZVA especially for selected coiling and insulation techniques. One of the main technologies which provides for the high quality of a transformer is vacuum heat treatment, drying and transformer fluid filling in during manufacturing which is carried out with the help of the unit E-5545 (drying in petroleum product fumes) and in horizontal and vertical vacuum furnaces. To manufacture SF6-filled transformers we use set of equipment by company “DILO” (Germany) which provides for high quality filling in with SF6 not only on the plant’s site but also on a customer’s site.

Specialists of the plant have also designed equipment for SF6-filled transformers to manufacture silicon casing and base insulators out of epoxy mixtures.

SF6 equipment is manufactured in especially clean rooms which correspond to the requirements of the advanced vacuum techniques. To provide for high quality casing filling in with silicon, we use dosing and mixing unit VARIO-MIX A1 (HILGER u. KERN).

Quality control of the manufacturing process is assured by the test of components, assembly units and finished items using authorized metrological test stations

Metal structures’ coloring is carried out on the powered materials’ transporter. The transporter consists of surface treatment unit which provides for the de-oiling and iron-phosphate coating application prior to the coloring.

Manufacturing of Packaged Switchgears, Single-end Service Assembled Chambers, Packaged Transformer Substations and Disconnectors

Manufacturing of Packaged Switchgear consists of the following primary processes:
  • small units’ assembly;
  • relay cabinets’ assembly;
  • housings’ assembly;
  • cabinets’ assembly;
  • alignment;
  • disconnecting switches’ assembly;
  • testing, preparation for packaging, packaging, shipment with further allocation on a flat wagon.

Assembly of small units is carried out in the particular area of the workshop equipped with special tools. This area includes coupling of the parts into the units for their further quick and convenient fitting onto the product. Assembly of the cabinets is carried out using flowline assembly, and includes complete filling of the cabinets with the parts and units with subsequent adjustment as per drawnout unit pattern.

Adjustment includes drawnout element coupling with the cabinet, its final adjustment as well as adjustment of the lockout device and kinematics of disconnecting switches and earth terminal powering up.

Testing and subsequent preparation for packaging is carried out on the test station equipped with all required devices and equipment.

Assembly of disconnecting switches RDZ (110, 150, 220 kV) is carried out on disconnecting switches’ assembly section process stand using process haulings. These enable us to simulate future kinematical connections of process facilities.

Assembly of disconnecting switches RVZ, RVFZ, RLN 10 kV is carried out on disconnecting switches’ assembly section purpose-built stands which ensure casing 90º turn-around rotation and provides for quick and high-quality assembly and alignment of a product.

All processes for KRU, KSO, KTP and disconnecting switches assembly are carried out in accordance with the requirements of route-regulatory schedules as per product type and process instruction provisions.

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